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Immune System - Thymus Gland Support to Strengthen Immune Function

Comprehensive multi-vitamin for immune system and thymus gland support to strengthen immune function. Smaller quantity (120 Count) bottle is recommended when taken along with Burgstiner Wellness Protocol.
Immune System / Thymus Gland Support / Strengthen Immune Function | Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula from Logos Nutritionals

Immune System / Thymus Gland Support / Strengthen Immune Function | Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula from Logos Nutritionals
Immune System / Thymus Gland Support / Strengthen Immune Function | Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula from Logos Nutritionals
Immune System / Thymus Gland Support / Strengthen Immune Function | Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula from Logos Nutritionals
Immune System / Thymus Gland Support / Strengthen Immune Function | Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula from Logos Nutritionals
Immune System / Thymus Gland Support / Strengthen Immune Function | Dr. Burgstiner's Complete Thymic Formula from Logos Nutritionals
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Dr. Burgstiner's Original Complete Thymic Formula and Vitamin/Mineral Complex combines cutting edge immune system support with thymus gland support to strengthen immune function. It is perhaps the most comprehensive all natural dietary supplement available today. CTF contains a synergistic blend of herbs, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, thymic and other glandular extracts, antioxidants, enzymes and whole food extracts. This remarkable product is designed to provide a solid and wholesome foundation of nutritional support while making available factors that nourish and strengthen immune function.

Dear Friend:

Despite its tremendous resources, America leads the world in degenerative illness. It is no wonder! Millions of people suffer from a weakened immune system, the body's main defense against cancer, viral, bacterial and fungal infections. You live a fast paced, high stress lifestyle that often compromises your good intentions concerning diet and exercise. Your immune system is under constant assault from noxious elements in our environment. You have been convinced of the vital need to supplement your diet with antioxidants and other essential nutrients, but how do you make sense of all the hype that confronts you? Which nutrients are really important and how much should you take? What about the hot new product of the month? Who can you turn to with so many choices?

Logos Nutritionals, LLC. is proud to make available to you a very special and unique dietary supplement, Dr. Burgstiner's Original Complete Thymic Formula and Vitamin/Mineral Complex. This remarkable product combines comprehensive nutrition with herbal and glandular factors to form a solid and wholesome foundation of nutritional support. Formulated by a nutritional pioneer, this all natural formula is perfectly balanced with nutrients that are known to bolster your body's natural defense system.

Complete Thymic Formula is not a single ingredient wonder or a passing fad. It is a legacy of faith, obedience, and a distinguished thirty-eight year medical practice devoted to preventive medicine and the study of nutrition. It is manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions with only the highest quality ingredients. Patented assimilation technology is responsible for its superior absorption qualities. Enthusiastic supporters from all over the world are thanking Dr. Burgstiner for transforming their health while reducing the guess work in their supplement program.

The Thymus Gland - Controller of Immunity

It is said that over sixty five million Americans suffer from compromised immunity. Supporting your immune system is the most important step you can take in building resistance to illness and limiting the natural effects of aging. According to Dr. Michael T. Murray, nationally known lecturer and co-author of the best seller Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, "The most effective method for maintaining or attaining a healthy immune system is supporting the functions of the thymus a very large extent, the health of the thymus determines the health of the immune system."

The thymus gland lies just beneath the breast bone. It is large in infants and children and atrophies as we grow older. The thymus seeds the body with immature T-cells, the white blood cells responsible for "cell-mediated immunity". This gland secretes special chemicals called cytokines (ie.- interferon, interleukins) that influence the specialization and migration of T-lymphocytes throughout the body. The thymus also releases hormones that regulate immune function. These thymic hormones help immune cells to mature, "programming" them to recognize tissues as either self or invader. Recognizing the enemy is the first and likely most important step in the immune response.

As we age, the thymus shrinks as its role shifts from immune cell production to regulation of the immune response. Lower thymic hormone levels in the blood are associated with depressed immunity, and are typical of the elderly, individuals with chronic infections, auto-immune disorders, cancer and AIDS patients. The thymus is extremely susceptible to free radical and oxidative damage caused by stress, radiation, poor diet, infection and chronic illness. People who have undergone radiation, chemotherapy or other immune-suppressing treatments also typically have low thymus function. Whatever the cause, depressed immunity can lead to an increase in the frequency and severity of colds, fatigue, allergies, or the onset of opportunistic infections.

Protecting Thymus Function

The thymus is quite responsive to environmental stimuli and thus is the beneficiary or the victim of the choices that we make every day. In addition to a healthy diet, adequate rest, water and exercise, we must learn to manage stress effectively. Antioxidants like vitamins C and E, beta carotene and selenium help to protect the thymus from free radicals, unstable molecules that damage our cells. Other nutrients such as zinc, vitamin B-6 and certain amino acids are important because they are required for the production of thymic hormones. Vitamins and minerals serve as cofactors and catalysts in the enzymatic pathways that regulate our metabolism. As we age, many essential vitamins and minerals become depleted and must be replaced. Their presence is essential for the proper working of the chemical factories within our cells.

Glandular Therapy: Like Cells Help Like Cells

Glandular hormone replacement therapy is being accepted with growing enthusiasm by the established medical community. It is based upon the use of animal glandular and organ substances to bolster the function of the human body's corresponding organs and glands. Modern medicine replaces the thyroid gland with thyroid hormone, the adrenal gland with cortisone, the pancreas gland with insulin, and the ovaries with estrogen and progesterone.

However, physicians have not routinely replaced the thymus gland. As your thymus shrinks and weakens with age, the most effective and direct way to stimulate it is by consuming thymus tissue. Calf thymus has long been regarded as a delicacy, known throughout the world as "sweetbread", but cooking destroys many of the beneficial properties of the gland. Far more effective is to ingest raw, freeze dried thymus extract, which leaves the thymic factors intact.

Thymic factors are said to be immune modulators. Thymic extracts have been shown to normalize the ratio of T-helper cells to suppressor cells whether the ratio is low as in AIDS, chronic infections and cancer, or high as found with allergies and autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.2 In other words, thymic factors appear to influence the immune response up or down as needed!

Julian Whitaker, M.D, famous advocate of wellness and nutrition and author of the nationally syndicated newsletter, Health and Healing, is a long time proponent of thymic replacement therapy. In a report in which he focused on the benefits of a single thymic protein, he stated "Even if you're healthy, I recommend a maintenance dose of thymic protein to support your immune function. Because decreased thymic function, like falling hormone levels and gray hair, is an inevitable part of aging, it is a valuable addition to your general anti-aging/longevity program."


Dr. Burgstiner's Original Complete Thymic Formula and Vitamin/Mineral Complex combines cutting edge nutritional support with hormone replacement therapy for the thymus gland. It is perhaps the most comprehensive all natural dietary supplement available today. CTF contains a synergistic blend of herbs, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, thymic and other glandular extracts, antioxidants, enzymes and whole food extracts. This remarkable product is designed to provide a solid and wholesome foundation of nutritional support while making available factors that nourish and strengthen immune function.


Complete Thymic Formula is manufactured in an FDA/USDA approved laboratory practicing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Stringent quality assurance procedures are maintained, and no solvents are used in the manufacturing process. All raw materials are quarantined and tested for purity, potency and microbial content prior to use. The thymic formula is further tested during production and again prior to packaging.

The vitamins and minerals in CTF are gluconated or chelated (attached to protein) to ensure maximum bio-availability. This reduces the amount of undigested ingredients eliminated through bodily waste, a common problem with low cost vitamin/mineral supplements. Pharmaceutical grade thymus and other glandular extracts are harvested from clean U.S. or New Zealand bovine herds only, and are hormone and antibiotic free.


Complete Thymic Formula uses an advanced absorption technology to maximize the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, which are selectively delivered at the right time and place along the digestive tract. In effect, this technology gives the formula an "innate intelligence", recognizing that fat soluble nutrients are optimally absorbed along a certain section of the digestive tract and water soluble nutrients along another. The spray/freeze dried materials are hydrolysated (made water soluble) for optimum absorption. The food factors have a natural coating that protects them in the acidic environment of the stomach, making them available in the small intestine where most absorption takes place.


From raw materials to finished products, Logos Nutritionals is committed to excellence in every detail. By far the most powerful component of any Logos product, however, is the spirit of intent with which it was created. Dr. Burgstiner had a refreshing disregard for the business end of the natural products industry. His vision was to enhance quality of life through education and truly outstanding nutritional support products. When he crafted Original Complete Thymic Formula, he had one thing in mind...clinical efficacy.

Rooted in a holistic approach to wellness, the Thymic Formula seeks to balance the immune system on a cellular level. The tremendous success of Complete Thymic Formula was as inevitable as that of Dr. Burgstiner's distinguished medical practice. Both grew out of his philosophy that "If you maintain normal physiology you can prevent disease and pathology!"

1 - Dr. Michael T. Murray: Ask the Doctor, published by Vital Communications, 1999 2 - Cazzola P, Mazzanti P and Bossi G: in vivo modulating effect of a calf thymus acid lysate on human T lymphocyte subsets and CD4+/CD8+ ratio in the course of different diseases. Curr Ther Res 42:1011-7, 1987. Kouttab NM, Prada M and Cazzola P: Thymomodulin: biological properties and clinical applications. Medical Oncology and Tumor Pharmacotherapy 6:6-9, 1989 !

"I've been taking the COMPLETE THYMIC FORMULA daily for several years.....Thanks be to God and your vitamins I live in great health with a boosted immune system, btw I never take flu shots either." B. Fuller

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Product Reviews

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Mike Holton

I started taking this product about 15 years ago because I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I haven't been to a Gastroenterologist in over 4 years. I feel better than I ever had before and I give the Complete Thymic Formula and the (Lord Jesus Christ - first) the credit. I liked the results so much I became a distributor in 2004. I now take the protocol every day. Another little side note I hardly ever get a common cold. Thank you Dr. Burgstiner and staff for your product and your professional support. You have been and continue to be a blessing to me and my family. If you feel run down and tired all of the time may I suggest you give this natural way of building up your immune system to fight off sickness and disease. My web site is God bless, Mike Holton - Grovetown, Georgia

God Bless you, John and your team. I suffer from commom variable autoimmune defiency. I
COULD not live a normal life without your thymic formula and all the products I use from your company. BRAVO. John I know this company is professional, your integity is far above others. I trust your company and wish you many blessings.
Timothy George
Amazing results in Asia
I started taking thymic formula during a bout of flu here in Vietnam and also in the aftermath of three weeks of oral ntibiotics, followed by five days of hospital anti-biotics administrated by IV to try kill a prolonged prostate infection. The IV anti-biotics finally killed the infection but they also made me feel even sicker than the flu.

However, after about ten days of taking thymic formula I stated to not just feel better, but started to feel normal for the first time in over four months. Kudos for this immunity strengthening product!
Nancy P. - Indian Harbor Beach FL
Best multiple vitamin and mineral supplement I have ever used
I am so happy that I learned about your products from a passenger on a cruise we were taking. The Thymic Formula is the best multiple vitamin and mineral supplement I have ever used.
Susan H. - Ovilla TX
Blessings to All on Your 15 Years
We are very thankful for the Thymic Formula.
Renee Johnson
Dear Logos Nutritionals:
I just wanted to let you know that I love your products! My favorite is the 'Thymic Formula.' I take it daily and I feel incredible. So THANK YOU for continuing to produce quality products for the world.
Renee Johnson
Clara S. - Kingsland GA
Every time I try something cheaper....I go back to the original Thymic Formula!
Thanks for getting my orders promply and correct. I am currently using the Complete Thymic Formula for about 14 years now and every time I try something cheaper....I go back to the original Thymic Formula!
Sonja S. - Sydney Australia
Excellent product!
The Complete Thymic Formula is an excellent product! Congratulations on 15 years anniversary of this good good product.
Lauryn H. - Grovetown GA
Going Like the Energizer Bunny!
It keeps me going and going like the energizer bunny!
Mike H. - Grovetown GA
"Greatest Vitamin Ever Sold"!
You have heard "Greatest Story Ever Told" and I say "Greatest Vitamin Ever Sold"! God Bless.
Glenda Fitch
Hepatitis c Miracle
I have been told by Dr's I have Hep C.I took it for over 9 years and to be crazy to save money I stopped. after about a year was not feeling up to par. Liver test not good high.Got to thinking oh no not taking my Thymic Formula. went back on it the 8th of Aug 20011.. and already today is the 13th...NOW THIS IS HARD TO BELIEVE FLOLKS.... With the God Lord About and THYMIC FORMULA... FEELING BETTER ALREADY. Thank You Jesus for this wonderful company...Eating like a pig already..Going to see Dr the 7th of Sept and tell them about what i,m doing..
and my husband has lung cancer and i have got him on thymic Formula now... God Bless us all...We found a miracle.
June E.
I have Thymic Formula as my weapon
I have to thank your company yet again. I had a workshop I wanted to go to and two days before it I came down with the worst cold. This seems to be the story of my life, losing out.

HOWEVER, I immediately began taking my Thymic Formula at the max dose and it pounded that cold down to reasonable. I was able to go to my class and have a good time. Used to be I would have had to cancel and be miserably sick for about a month, my whole life has been like this!!

Since 1996, I have had a better life, thanks to your product. I don't know how, I don't know why, but it seems to zap the worst of the virus. My immunity is still bad, but I have Thymic Formula as my weapon.

I have actually run out before, and been horribly sick until my bottle of 'magic vitamins' arrived. It's so strange, I sometime start to feel better and forget a dose and the cold starts coming back! I don't know why it works but it sure does. Thank you so much for a great product!
Connie M. - Cheyenne, WY
I love your products.
I gave my Mom the Thymic Formula during her cancer and it changed not only the quality of her life but she's cancer free! God Bless You John.
Debby E. - Elkton VA
I ordered this for about six months and never got sick.
I have used this product and really like it. I was constantly getting sore throats and gland problems in my neck. I ordered this for about six months and never got sick. I ran out and didn't reorder and I relapsed and got a sore throat and sore neck glands. I have reordered this product again.
Lori H. - Cumming GA
LOVE your product!
Denise H. - Nahunta GA
My Favorite is the Thymic Formula
My favorite is the Thymic Formula vitamins. They are excellent!!
Marilyn K.
Old Dog, New Tricks
I thought you'd like to know that I'm using the Thymic Formula for myself, my husband, one four year old dog that has a brain tumor which is reversing itself because of the Thymic Formula and an older dog who is growing younger despite the crippling lyme disease he has and he is much more agile due to the Thymic Formula. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything that combats old age...........
June E.
Thank You!
Thank You!
I think it's important to say THANK YOU to people who help me. I first found out about your Thymic Formula at my favorite health food store, in 1996. I went there often, asking them for help with my crappy immune system. I would have years where I got >9 colds and bronchitis. Always went to the Doctor/s too. Nobody could ever help me. But when I tried the millionth thing from that health store it finally worked!

I keep a couple bottles of Thymic Formula around at all times and take the full dose whenever I feel a bug coming on. Sometimes it works so well I forget to take it the next day, and immediately feel the bug coming back! I have given half a bottle of Thymic Formula to a few people and now they agree it really helps them fight off a cold.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product!
Allen M. - Long Beach CA
Thank You.
I've been using the Complete Thymic Formula and have experienced some impressive results. Thank You.
Jack F. - Omaha NE
Thank You Very Much!
I have enjoyed your high quality Complete Thymic Formula for several years as well as your wise counsel. Thank you very much!
Nat Harrus
The best
Naomi Judd turned me on to this made be Dr. Carson Burgstiener 20 years ago for Hep C. and cirrhosis. My specialist gave me 6 months to 1 year to live and no hope or advice. I quit drinking and drugs, I tried everything with horrible results for 1 year. Then I found this. Never went back to the doctor and now 20 years later, I have not been checked again but feel pretty "normal". Actually not bad, I am now 63 tears old and have not seen a specialist for 18 years. I believe that this stuff saved my life. Gnat
Betty B. - Athens, GA
This product has helped me immensely...
I have been using Thymic Formula for over a year and I feel that this product has helped me immensely...
Roseann G. - Jupiter FL
What a Difference it Makes!
I take the Thymic Formula and what a difference it makes!
Byron B. - Hiawatha KS
Works Great for Hep C!
This is amazing stuff.. I have Chronic Hep C, the protocol helps me keep it manageable, since there is no cure.. thank u for such a wonderful protocol!!!