Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

In most cases, we ship orders within 48 hours of receiving them, but shipments may be delayed during times of high demand.

How long do I have to take a Logos Nutritionals supplement for before I see results?

Our products are designed to support healthy physiology and restore your bio-terrain. Each of us has unique chemistry and biochemical needs, and individual results may vary widely. Generally, you should take a supplement for 60 to 90 days before evaluating whether it works for you.

Can I take Logos Nutritionals supplements on an ongoing basis?

Our products are designed for ongoing use unless otherwise stated in the product details. However, we do recommend taking breaks from your supplement routine every once in a while to give your body time to reset.

Should I check with my doctor before taking Logos Nutritionals supplements?

As with any dietary change or new supplement or medication, we recommend you speak with a qualified health care professional before taking a new supplement. I eat a healthy diet.

Do I still need to take supplements?

Most of us don't get sufficient amounts of all the vitamins and nutrients we need to keep our bodies functioning at optimal levels, even with a healthy diet. Your body is unlikely to feel or perform its best based on diet alone, especially when our diets include processed foods that are often depleted of important nutrients. Supplements are an easy way to add an extra level of nutrition to an already healthy diet.

When should I take my supplements? Can I take different supplements together?

Unless otherwise stated on the bottle, you can take Logos Nutritionals supplements whenever is most convenient for you, though it is best if you take them at the same time each day. If you take them on an empty stomach and experience digestive discomfort, try splitting them up evenly throughout the day and taking them with meals. You can take any combination of our supplements at the same time.Why do I need multiple different supplements to get all the vitamins and nutrients I need?Many companies will try to convince you that you can get a whole day's worth of all the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, herbs, and other nutrients you need in one tablet. But in reality, that is not possible. Furthermore, there is a finite amount of nutrients that your body can absorb at once, which is why many of our products are designed to be taken more than once per day.

Do I have to take all six of The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol products to see results?

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol products are intended to work synergistically. This means that these products form a comprehensive wellness strategy when taken together, especially for those who are dealing with an acute or chronic illness. However, each of these products can support different areas of your health individually as well.

Are Logos Nutritionals supplements FDA approved?

Our products are not pharmaceutical drugs, therefore they do not require FDA approval. Our products are, however, produced in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified facility. GMP Certified facilities follow quality assurance rules promulgated by the U.S. government. We also implement quality controls as part of everything we do. We quarantine every raw material we receive and test it for purity, potency, and contaminants. Then we test every product again during and after production.

Is it safe to take Logos Nutritionals supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Our supplements are generally safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding, except for our Liver CS Plus formula, which is not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Be sure to consult a qualified health care professional before taking any supplement, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are Logos Nutritionals supplements safe for children to take?

Generally speaking, our supplements are not intended for children. However, the following formulas can be safely administered to children in the following ways. Please note that, despite this advice, you should always consult a qualified health care professional before giving any supplement to a child.

Complete Thymic Formula — This formula is safe for children who can safely swallow the tablets. Otherwise, it can be ground up and mixed with food or beverages.
Essential Flora — This probiotic is safe for children at the serving size intended for adults.
Essential Digestion — This digestive enzyme blend is safe for children to take, but the serving size should be adjusted based on the child’s bodyweight.
Liver CS Plus — This formula is safe for children to take, but the serving size should be adjusted based on the child’s bodyweight.
Essential Omegas — This digestive enzyme blend is safe for children to take, but the serving size should be adjusted based on the child’s bodyweight.

Can I give Logos Nutritionals supplements to my pet?

Our products are pet-safe, but the serving size should be adjusted based on your pet’s bodyweight.

Can I purchase Logos Nutritionals products in a store?

Our products are available in many health food stores and pharmacies and through health practitioners across the United States. Give us a call at (800) 556-5530 to find the Logos Nutritional retailer closest to you.

Does Logos Nutritionals offer bulk discount pricing?

Bulk discount pricing is available for licensed health professionals and authorized distributors. For more information, please call us at (800) 556-5530.

The seal on my supplement was broken – what should I do?

Do not take the supplement. Instead, call us at (800) 556-5530 to obtain return authorization information and a replacement.

I am not satisfied with the product I ordered. What can I do?

You can return the unused portion of any product you are unsatisfied with within 90 days of purchase if you are not satisfied and we will issue you a full refund (not including shipping and handling). Please call us at (800) 556-5530 for return authorization information.

What is Subscribe and Save and how does it work?

Our Subscribe and Save program allows you to receive your favorite products through ourSubscribe and Save program without having to place repeat orders. Our Subscribe and Save program also gives you a 10% discount on all eligible orders, for as long as you are enrolled. You can set up the ship dates and frequency of your recurring orders and change or cancel them at any time.

How do I create a subscribe and save order?

Simply select the subscription option on the page of the product you would like to order and set up for future orders. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will process your next order using the same payment method you used for your original order.

Can I use a coupon or discount code in addition to my autoship discount?

Other coupons or discount codes cannot be combined with your 10% Subscribe and Save discount.

How do I remove myself from the Subscribe and Save program and cancel my recurring orders?

You can remove yourself from the Subscribe and Save program and cancel your recurring orders by logging into your account on our website and clicking 'Manage Subscriptions' from within your account, where you can cancel or change your subscription easily, you can also contact us via the form on our contact page, or call us at (800) 556-5530.