In the Shadow of a Giant: A Loving Tribute From a Grateful Son

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In the Shadow of a Giant: A Loving Tribute From a Grateful Son

One of my fondest childhood memories is of getting up at 5:30 a.m. to join my father for his daily mile run. Sleep forfeited was a small price to pay for such quality personal time with a special and great man. I had no idea then how the rest of the world shared my admiration and respect for him.

Carson Bertelle Burgstiner was an intensely driven man. He came from meager beginnings in Okeechobee Florida, possessing a keen sense of purpose and determination to succeed that can only come from abiding faith. He lived for sixty four years, and not a day of his life was wasted. Although the demands on his time were overhwelming, he still found the time for tossing a football in the yard, occasional hunting, fishing or golfing trips, or taking Karate lessons with me.

He invested the time to instill in me the certain knowledge that God had a special purpose for my life and that I had better prepare for it. I will forever be grateful for the security of growing up basking in his love, approval and encouragement. I strive daily to pass that along to my own children.

My father approached all that he did with the vitality and enthusiasm of a winner. His conviction in his beliefs and true love for people were obvious, and he made all who came in contact with him feel special. He taught me the meaning of unconditional love and the importance of persistence and hard work in the honest pursuit of lofty and worthy goals.

Professionally, he was always way ahead of his time. He was a highly skilled surgeon, but his gift as a healer stemmed from his extensive knowledge of nutritional physiology and his desire and ability to connect with his patients. His willingness to search beyond the realm of the medical establishment enabled him to impact not only the quality of his own life, but the lives of many others as well.

During the years that he was battling hepatitis he sustained massive damage to his liver, with related stress to all of his other internal organs. Yet once his blood was cleared of the virus, the enthusiasm with which he lived belied the fact that he was existing on less than ten percent of his liver reserves. On May 29, 1997 he finally succumbed to the long term effects of the disease he fought for so long. When doctors at Duke University completed his autopsy, the only explanation they could offer for the quality and duration of his life was the nutritional support protocol that he followed.

Now my days are filled with carrying on his good work. Carson B. Burgstiner, MD was truly a servant of mankind, and his time spent here impacted many lives for the better. The incredible thing is that because of the legacy that he left, Logos has the opportunity to touch the lives of many more people than even he did.

Dr. Burgstiner Father Son Tribute
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John M. Burgstiner

John M. Burgstiner is the founder and CEO of Logos Nutritionals. John is a second generation holistic healer, nutritional innovator, speaker, writer, and researcher with a passion for health and wellness. John holds a Bachelor of Science in pre-medicine from the University of Georgia and remains a lifelong student of biology, biochemistry, human physiology, nutrition, naturopathy, and regenerative medicine. John has spent 25 years working in the health and nutrition industry. John has discussed natural ways to maintain and restore your health on numerous radio and television programs, including the Beverly Kennedy Radio Show in South Florida, TV 57’s Atlanta Live, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Doctor to Doctor series.