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Colostrum is a dairy-based immune support supplement. It contains naturally occurring protein, vitamins, minerals, growth factors and immunoglobulins that stimulate the immune system for prolonged health. Colostrum can also support the gastrointestinal system and improve gut health.

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natural ingredients


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Made with the most bio-available

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Colostrum is an essential nutrient for immunity. Also known as “a mother’s first milk” or “liquid gold,” it is dairy-based and contains growth and immune factors that stimulate the immune system for prolonged immune health. It can also aid the gastrointestinal system and improve gut health by stimulating intestinal cell growth, strengthening the gut wall, and reducing leaky gut.

All female mammals secrete colostrum through their mammary glands during the first few days of lactation. This substance is vital to infants, who are born with their own immune systems but need additional nutrients from their mothers to survive the threats of early life.

Cows produce an excess of colostrum after giving birth. This is known as “bovine colostrum.” Bovine colostrum is four times richer in immune factors than human colostrum and can be transferred to any other mammal.

Colostrum contains protein, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, immunoglobulins, and protease inhibitors. Growth factors occur in secreted proteins like colostrum or steroid hormones and promote cell proliferation, cellular differentiation, and skin, muscle, wound, and other tissue healing. Immunoglobulins are proteins that live in the immune system’s cells and act as antibodies. They identify foreign bodies like viruses and pathogenic bacteria and neutralize them. Protease inhibitors preserve the nutrients contained in colostrum during the digestion process.

Ayurvedic medicine practitioners have used colostrum for thousands of years, and Western medicine practitioners traditionally used it as a natural antibiotic as well.

You may benefit from taking Colostrum if you suffer from the following:

  • Frequent colds, flus, infections, or stomach problems
  • Slow-to-heal wounds
  • Fatigue
  • An autoimmune disease
  • Leaky gut

Colostrum is non-GMO.

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