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Complete Digestion™

Complete Digestion™

Complete Digestion is a comprehensive plant enzyme formula designed to support gut health and digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. It includes the following enzymes, among others:

  • Protease 1 and 2
  • Amylase
  • Lipase
  • Lactase
  • Bromelain
  • Papain
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Produced in a GMP

Certified Facility


Formulated with all

natural ingredients


100% Satisfaction



Made with the most bio-available

form of pharmaceutical-grade

raw materials

Digestion is the process of taking in food and beverages and turning it into nutrients that your body can use for energy, cell repair, and growth. Digestion also results in waste your body eliminates.

Digestive enzymes are essential to digestion. Enzymes help break down the food you eat and turn nutrients into absorbable substances. Enzymes also support the immune system, which is intertwined with gut health and uses enzymes to fight microbial overgrowth and reduce unwanted pathogens.

Your saliva, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, and some other organs produce enzymes. Enzymes also naturally occur in fruits (such as papayas, pineapples, mangoes, bananas, and avocados), vegetables (like carrots and spinach), and other foods (such as honey and sauerkraut).

Different kinds of enzymes are responsible for breaking down different kinds of nutrients, which is why it is important to have a wide range of enzymes in your system. Because many of our diets fall short of providing the full spectrum and amount of enzymes, we have included many different kinds of enzymes in our Complete Digestion formula:

  • Protease 1 and 2, which break down protein
  • Amylase, which breaks down carbs and starches
  • Lipase, which breaks down fats
  • Cellulase, which turns cellulose (a plant-based fiber) into glucose (sugar your body can use for fuel)
  • Glucoamylase, which turns starch into glucose
  • Pectinase, which breaks down pectin
  • Lactase, which breaks down lactose, a sugar in dairy products
  • Bromelain, which breaks down protein, reduces inflammation, and acts as an analgesic and may aid gluten digestion
  • Papain, which breaks down protein

These enzymes work together to assist gut health and digestion, which can help with weight management, relieve occasional gas and bloating, and support the immune system.

Complete Digestion is non-GMO and vegetarian.

If you are seeking to add higher potency digestive enzymes to your diet to relieve indigestion, constipation or chronic diarrhea, try our Essential Digestion formula instead. It contains some of the same enzymes as our Complete Digestion formula (lipase, papain, bromelain, protease, and amylase) in addition to cellulase (breaks down fiber) and other nutrients like FOS (a prebiotic), l-glutamine, and betaine HCI. In addition, ginger rhizome extract and fennel seed are added to promote the movement of food through the GI tract. 

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