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The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is our comprehensive nutritional support program designed to restore integrity to your bio-terrain. The Protocol supports the immune system, gut health and digestion, detoxification, reduced inflammation, and restored cellular energy potential.

Logos Nutritionals is the exclusive manufacturer and worldwide distributor of The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol, which includes the following supplements:

  • Essential Digestion™
  • Essential Flora™
  • Essential Omegas™
  • Liver CS Plus™
  • MagNotCal™
  • Complete Thymic Formula™

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Plus includes the above supplements as well as:

  • Renaissance Activated Whey Protein™

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Produced in a GMP

Certified Facility


Formulated with all

natural ingredients


100% Satisfaction



Made with the most bio-available

form of pharmaceutical-grade

raw materials

Articles By or About Dr. Burgstiner and His Legacy

The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol was created by John’s beloved father, Carson B. Burgstiner, M.D., who was a physician and nutritional pioneer.

Below are articles that shed light on the life, research, and legacy of a brilliant pioneer of medicine, a beloved physician and healer, and a cherished husband and father.

The Legacy of Carson Burgstiner - Townsend Letter Article highlighting the research and clinical success of Dr. Burgstiner.

Thymic Extract - Hidden Hope to Good Health?

Legacy of a Healer - Article by Connect Savannah Magazine

The Protocol supplements work together to restore your bio-terrain as a whole. To learn more about the specific components of the Protocol, read more about each individual supplement below.

"If you maintain normal physiology, you prevent pathology and disease."

— Carson B. Burgstiner, M.D.

Burgstiner Wellness Protocol
Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Plus
Burgstiner Wellness Protocol Convenience Packs

Complete Thymic Formula™
Complete Thymic Formula is a comprehensive multi-vitamin/mineral/glandular blend to support the thymus gland, repair nutrient deficits and strengthen immune function.

Liver CS Plus™
Liver CS Plus is designed to detoxify the body, cleanse the liver, and help regenerate liver tissue while lowering oxidative stress by increasing glutathione levels.

Essential Digestion™
Essential Digestion is a high potency digestive enzyme blend that improves digestion and absorption of nutrients with herbs that promote movement of food in the GI tract.

Essential Flora™
Essential Flora is a broad spectrum, high potency probiotic formula designed to boost immunity, support healthy brain function and restore digestive health.

Essential Omegas™
Essential Omegas is a blend of omega 3,6 and 9 fats that improve memory and increase brain power, reduce cholesterol, improve heart health and help control inflammation.

MagNotCal™ (Formerly Magnifical)
MagNotCal™ is a revolutionary bone health formula that is designed to improve bone density, bone health and heart health while reversing calcification of soft tissues.

Wellness Questionnaire

Wondering which of our products are right for you? Take our three minute Wellness Questionnaire and find out.

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Logos supplements are the best

Logos Nutritional's supplements are the best I have truly put them to the test. My health I needed to re-gain By restoring my bio-terrain I take the wellness protocol with extension It has taken my health to a new dimension The herbs, vitamins, and minerals are divine Now I can rest assured that I'll be fine One more thing, don't forget to go on Amazon and take a look At Nurturing Your Bio-terrain, John's new book


Thank you Logos for restoring my health and being such a blessing!

As a toxic disease sufferer, I started taking the protocol and within a month I had more energy and was felling better. These wonderful vitamins which have made such a difference in my health are rebuilding my bio-terrain so my body can heal. John teaches what specific job each vitamin has and why they work. In my notes I have taken I have listed a few of the things I understand: Thymic formula with glandular therapy helps to build T Cells which rebuilds your immune system. Essential Digestion with ginger herb enzymes help to aid digestion. Liver CS Plus takes the toxins out of the liver. Essential Flora probiotic restores the bacteria in the gut. MagnifiCal is for a healthy heart and strong bones. It puts the calcium in the right places and it's anti inflammatory. Essential Omegas is for brain and heart health. It reduces inflammation and naturally thins the blood. Vitamin D3 for nose, lungs infection and helps keep you from autoimmune disease. Logos which means "complete" does restore health, and their staff has been so helpful in answering any of my questions, help in ordering and keeping me on the protocol. John has graciously given up his time to go over specific problems with me to make sure I am on the correct products. Thank you Logos for restoring my health and being such a blessing!


Without LOGOS where would we be today!!!???

That smile I got comes from a good southern company with southern hospitality!!! LOGOS NUTRITIONALS the best there is to get you back up and running the way God meant for you to be! You know you can depend on them, that is very important in today's world. It is always a blessing to get the help you need in a timely manner and know the company is one of the best! Johns father put high standards in their family's life and it continues still today! We thank you for everything you do and the way you do it. Without LOGOS where would we be today!!!???